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Cinzia Meloni

Attorney Meloni is a member of the Italian Bar Lawyers and Attorneys of Rome since 13/10/94 (card n. A/20741), and is enabled to the Supreme Court of Cassazione since 23/2/2007.

Attorney Cinzia Meloni has an excellent knowledge of spanish language, having lived for two years in Argentina (Buenos Aires), where her son Guido Leon is born, in june of 2000.

Good knowledge of spoken and written English and French spoken.

She practices, primarily, in commercial and contractual areas, assisting enterprises, in legal actions and out of judgment: Civil Proceedings, tax disputes, labor litigations and claims recovery. She follows the issues relating to the protection of the enterprises assets, providing pubblic services, including the legal advices for effective solutions, recovery claims out of court and executive. She is also specialized in the field of Family, of Child support and People.

She practices the activity, mainly, in the Court of Appeal of Rome and in front of the Superior Courts, including the Supreme Court of Cassazione, with a network of attorney correspondents in all over the country....Read all