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About Us

The Firm Meloni is a legal and accountant consultancy Study, it is founded in 1996 and consists of two professionals: Attorney Cinzia Meloni and Dr. Marco Meloni, Chartered Accountant and Auditor.

The firm is highly computerized. The workstations are networked to each other and are linked to the main database, to the Supreme Court of Cassazione for the jurisprudential research and to the general role of the Court of Rome.

It also features of the Electronic Authorization to the Revenue Agency Services and at all electronic links to manage the practices with the Italian Chambers of Commerce, INPS, INAIL, and uses Lextel - telematic service for the legal profession - that allows real time connection with the Court of Rome and the Province, to verify the state of current procedures.

Regarding the accountant sector, the firm is concerned, at 360 degrees, to obviate all problems of small and medium-sized businesses: accounting, tax, administrative and labor, the tax returns of any kind, including allegations of succession and surveying changes.

Regarding legal sector, the Firm handles consultancy to small and medium-sized enterprises and takes care of all the legal issues associated with the preparation and execution of contracts, including labor law area, commercial and private sectors, as well the recovery of claims in all the various phases.

The lawyer's office solves issues related to private, Law of Family, People and Groups.

The firm draws on the advice of the accountant Mauro Meloni, former General Manager of the Prudential Insurance S.p.A., now in retirement, auditor for over 30 years, an expert in administrative and financial statements, a former member of various technical committees of A.N.I.A. (the primary italian association of insurers) and expert in matters of succession.

The firm collaborates with the Lawyer Edo Meloni, Attorney at Law, who is the owner of a law and commercial firm, based in Miami (Florida - USA).

For issues related to Canada, the firm relies on the collaboration of Firm Rovazzi - Pallotta of Toronto (Canada).